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A man's heart will drop out of his chest at the image of sensuous breasts atop a slender waste, a firm derriere and a welcoming smile. What could be wrong with that? A man's interest is healthy and natural as women work out hoping to achieve and keep that interest.

The Internet is an endless well of images and ideas beyond imagination, an easy thrill without a victim, it would seem. So for hours, then days, then weeks and months, the Internet can be a man's best friend. His fantasies are stirred and satiated, and nobody needs to know.

Until one day, the thrill is not so thrilling, the forbidden fruit doesn't taste forbidden any more. A man can only live out so many positions and situations with beautiful women, whether in fantasy or real life, before it starts to lose it's appeal, and so he looks to add something new and liven it up. There are a lot of roads to choose from. Maybe it's multiple women, maybe it's orgies, maybe it's tying up a woman or being tied up, there are no limits to what can be explored adding a little harmless "kink." But eventually, that too will lose its luster, and every man's nature will cause him to push the envelope, bite a little harder, delve a little deeper. Like a drug addict, anything he chooses will eventually lose its impact and he has to find a little more to find satisfaction.

With enough time, and with such easy access on the Internet, a man's mind can easily spiral into the darkest depths of depravity. Eventually men will become concerned about where his appetite is leading him. No one simply started looking for lonely female victims on their way to the store to buy milk. No one just woke up one day and decided to gang rape young children.

Counseling a man addicted to porn is one of the hardest endeavors in therapy. There are no easy solutions. Men often find it impossible to be aroused by their wives no matter how great their love of them. I know a pastor who, prior to committing his life to Christ, participated in orgies and wife-swapping which ruined his marriage. After he divorced, he made every effort to turn his life around, he became a pastor and met a wonderful woman that he loved very much, but was devastated when he could not consummate the marriage on his wedding night. God's most sacred gift, the joining of a man to a woman, had been abused and perverted for so many years with so many women that it wasn't special with his new bride. It wasn't sacred. It was reduced to an animal act that demanded the thrill of perversion, and he wept.

Men attempting to turn back the clock of their potency are easily reduced to tears in the trial. One cannot simply will themselves to be aroused by what became boring to them long ago. All those hours they fantasized they were unwittingly robbing their future wives of their wedding bed, or worse, for if they ventured deep into the realm of porn, many have reached the point that they are hanging around school yards preying on our children.

Remember John Lockhart, the young lawyer on America's Most Wanted for raping a four month old infant? Over 100 pornographic pictures were found on his hard drive. These woeful acts, these atrocities are born in fantasies fed by the Internet. Every crime committed is fantasized first. Where the mind goes, the body follows. "But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart." (Jesus in Matt 5:27-28) Whether a fantasy is acted upon or not, there is serious damage.

And it is for this reason that every Supreme Court Justice that ruled to protect pornography on the Internet will be horrified when they finally come face to face with our Father in heaven, and clearly see the sickening crimes they imposed on society with their ruling. The broken bodies of dead children, the tortured hearts and minds of those attempting to live out their lives after being molested. Not one of the judges in our nation that protected pornography as "freedom of speech" or lightened the sentences of pedophiles will be able to face God with an open heart. The fruit of those judges bears witness of their current eternal position and fate.

In the meantime, stay away from pornography. It may be legal, but it will soil your soul. Though it seems harmless, it can seriously suck you in, lead you down dark roads, ruin your life and relationships with those you love. I wish you could hear the cracked voices and sobs of strong men that I've heard. Pornography is nothing to play with. Ask anyone who has ever tried to quit.

A man's only hope of recovery is in Christ, but that requires extreme patience and time. The only way to break the stronghold of pornography addiction is to strangle it, stop feeding it and eventually it will die. Lift up your head and focus on God. It will be very hard at first, but hang on to Him, turn your time and energy toward God, He has always been there to help you through it.